I block

I block was a hive of practical activity. Sawing, hammering ,lathe machines spinning , vices clanking , files scraping, glue guns primed, vacuum plastic forming….. industrial processes on a mini scale.  Graphic design also added a more theoretical perspective to the brute force practical artefact making, elevations and visual communication produced on drafting tables. 

But a terrifying place for first years. Above a blackboard in one classroom was located a dolls head with two nails sticking out of it. A sign with words to the effect of “ I didn’t do my homework for Mr Stocking” was located. There was something “Borstalesque” about the place and strict disciplinarians located there.

But also some hilarity with terms like “bastard cut” and “design briefs” . Put upon technicians did their best with cutting lists, and who would forget the legend that was Les Wooldridge! The smell of burnt wood tested the throat as did the saw dust and shavings littering the floors.

All sorts were made here, ships, sandpits, battery and fuse testers, clock work mechanisms , cam shafts and in the first year an animal ornament for a first effort.