The school library in B block (B6) held a wide variety of books available to borrow. It was well equipped for the times with a photocopier, study desks and of course many rows of books organised in the Dewey system. Computer use via a (drum roll) CD Rom also became available latter. The world wide web had not reached the school at this point in time, so books were very much the only way of finding things out. Perhaps they also had greater accuracy.

Atlas books , encyclopedia Brittanica books were available. The chairs were quite posh compared to the others in the school, upholstered and blue backed,  sitting on a gawdy burgundy carpet, with a more comfy coffee table at the centre of the room providing newspapers.


Children were encouraged to become librarians and had a special red badge. Tasks included stamping out books and putting them back and helping others to find books. Mrs Shermer and Mrs Hough brought order to dinner time gatherings, though sometimes there was a queue waiting to be let in. It was a place to go when it was raining, and where the sixth formers should have gone more often when they had “frees”- no “study periods” to use the clockwise analogy.

fancy chairs. LOL

Many a Menzies Mouth was printed from here and read in corners with much amusement at the classifieds.

View from a library window