C block

C block was the arts twin of B block- the location of Drama, English and Art- with a purpose built pottery kiln room on the second floor.

Like B Block, the metal and wooden bannister dual staircases provided endless fun. The second floor also had a library room housing many books.



Second floor


View from C block looking at service road in Marsh Lane

Pottery room on right and ahead exit to bridge in Marsh Lane

Galleries of pictures were produced in the art rooms, screen printing appeared a very popular method of the times, people rolling vigorously like demented squeegee merchants. Some of it was good and was displayed at various locations across the school, and some was just bloody awful- especially portraits with those heavy crocus bud eyes. Did they ever find a place on a fridge door back home?

The English rooms were all fairly similar with a wide static blackboard at the front of the room and double desks set out in rows. Some had a profusion of plants that needed watering- with Mr Hawthorn perhaps starting his own personal forest. LOL.


View from third floor looking towards E block on right and playground in front of G block


Rear of C Block with bridge to Marsh Lane


Looking across to B block from C block on an Autumnal day

Entrance from Marsh Lane

So many books, plays, books of poetry- they all had some message or meaning from Shakespeare to Steinbeck and intertwined with creative arts spoke volumes about the human condition.