School productions


Menzies was lucky enough to have a dedicated set of teachers who gave hours of their own time to school productions- mainly popular musicals. Taking place in A block and usually over four nights, these were a team effort between multiple departments- English and Drama, Art, Craft and Design, Physics teachers providing special effects – (splurge guns and smoky bangs), and of course Music providing the orchestral score.

A school wide appeal for props would be sort depending on the play/musical and then began the hard work of casting, set and costume design and bringing it all together with acting and singing in tune – and somehow Messrs Lester and Hawthorn et al always seemed to pull it off on the night.

Pupils would also help at the front of the house at the side entrance of A block. The seats were marked out and turned around to face the stage.

The music started, the curtains pulled back, and so it began…..

I’ve scanned some of the programmes from some of these below- Click for larger view.