The Menzies Mouth

Menzies had its own pupil centred occasional newsletter. After a few early prototypes, this would become known as “The Menzies Mouth“. Staff and pupils would write articles/reviews and news stories with these being printed off and circulated for a small fee at break times. Classified adverts could be placed, and it was to these highly libellous but nonetheless amusing cryptic messages that the thumbs flicked first.

Mrs Hough and Mr Allsopp in particular put a great deal of time into this and encouraged “editors” to show initiative for putting together a news style artefact.

I’ve scanned some of the articles from the mouths I have ¬†below. Some of these are “historic moments”¬† in the school, and some amusing for their candid idealism. Click to view larger scale.


I’m sure this headline raised both eyebrows and sniggers in the staff room!

That new thing called “the internet” explained in 1995.