Within the body of the school and between the blocks, there were several open space areas, mainly paving slabbed , but also with grassy garnishes. Some of these would serve as standing areas during break times, such as the main area formed between C, A , E and G blocks.

Under the A block spider


D block also had a similar gathering area, with another around L and F block.

From D block looking towards C block

Summer days

The main playground where sporting activities took place was between the sports hall and the gyms. Legendary games such as “tracking” – basically sides off, and ball games like “dodge” and “slam”  took place.

They were also used in games lessons for football , rounders, hockey , netball and everything else marked out in different coloured lines.



Silence has now fallen on where these gatherings took place and where children played and all that remains are black and white memories of how they used to be……